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What do returning “Global Edgers” say about their experience in the program?



I just have two words: DO IT!!!! What is a better time than now to see the world and expand your knowledge about different cultures, food, and history??? – Shalina Bulchandani

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I would not be the same person today if I had not done this program, and I think that's for the better. – KC Harris

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I grew up very close to Berkeley and had been around the Bay Area my whole life... The Global Edge program was my best opportunity to experience going away from home. – Noah Prozan

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I changed completely. Coming in as a moderately shy person, I left as a confident, independent individual with life-long friends and connections with people from around the world. – Natalia Brusco

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I consider myself to be quite mature for my age, but studying aboard really helped me grow as a person: being more independent, taking care of myself, being an adult, and seeing the world differently.

What I loved most about the Global Edge Program was making friends with other Global Edge students! I loved that the program allowed us to bond very well since we lived together and took the same classes together for six months. That was very important to me because I was so glad that I wasn't just thrown into college all of a sudden after high school. I built very strong friendships with people that I don't think I would have if I had started college like regular freshman.

There is so much to say but school is fun, the professors are easy to talk to, there is constant support with understanding faculty and peers, you get to explore and venture off in entirely new spaces with your friends. Most importantly you are able to gain an experience that will mold a different way of viewing life and the world. The program is a breath of fresh air.

It provides an easy yet exceptional transition from high school to college. It definitely opens up another perspective when I view the world and evaluate current events. I also like the fact that every time I go back to London, it will feel like going home.

What I loved about Global Edge was that it helped me transition into Berkeley more easily than if I would've just begun in the fall. Global Edge provided me with an opportunity to make friends with a small group of people at Berkeley and I know that when I enter in the spring, Berkeley will be a lot less overwhelming for me because I have all of my Global Edge friends to support me.

From Doubt to Confidence: Freshman Year in London

While in London, I always thought “could I do this at home?” and if the answer was “no,” then I would go out and do it. I have become more independent and confident emerging from this time abroad. It allowed me to travel to a variety of countries and meet people from different cultures that I wouldn’t be able to do if I had spent my fall semester at the Berkeley campus. – Ashley McQuade

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Why I Chose Global Edge My Freshman Year

The best way to learn about yourself is to challenge yourself and put yourself in new and unfamiliar situations. Global Edge served as a great platform for doing so. It’s scary taking the leap, but you’re not alone and you’ll come back with many new stories, friends, and memories. – Grace Davis

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No Regrets: A Student’s Tale of the UC Berkeley Global Edge Fall Semester in London

The classes I took in London gave me tons of ‘excuses’ to go out and really see London in all its different colors. These classes enabled to me to explore London through a new lens and gave such incredible meaning and depth to my time there. – April You

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I wanted to let you know what a life-changing experience the Global Edge Program was for our son. He really immersed himself in the London culture and made so many good friends while on the program. In fact, he met next year’s roommates while on Global Edge.

I think the program provided him with a network of good friends and that really eased his re-entry into the vast UC campus experience. He never felt lost or anonymous. Thanks to Global Edge, he had the good fortune – from the very start – to be engaged in an exciting and inclusive community. – Deborah Blum, parent of Global Edge 2015 participant

Through the London fog

London is an extraordinary place to be, and I’m fortunate that Global Edge provides me this opportunity to live so centrally in a metropolitan city that would otherwise be unattainable to the likes of me — a low-budget college student. – Anna Dell’Amico

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